2014 Urban Forum

Metropolitan regions are a complex web of activities, systems and networks, of people, businesses, and capital, and of commercial, industrial and residential areas. The strength, value, welfare and resilience of cities and metropolitan regions reflect their core building blocks, namely, their neighborhoods. Sustainable capital and societal investments in people and firms at the neighborhood level-from micro-enterprises to factories, from social spaces for collective and social action to private facilities, from affordable housing and safety to gated communities, from accessible jobs and transportation to opportunities for growth and development, from public education in the neighborhood to cooperative, charter and private education-reflect contested and diffuse paths to enhancing the quality of life for individuals, households and neighborhoods. The 2014 UIC Urban Forum will engage policymakers, researchers, public intellectuals and citizens in a dynamic discussion and debate about the broad issues surrounding the role neighborhoods can and do play in building strong, livable urban regions.

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The tentative agenda for the Urban Forum is now available.

2014 Forum Co-Chairs

Toni Preckwinkle, Cook County Board President

Susana Vasquez, Executive Director, LISC/Chicago (Local Initiatives Support Corporation)

Paula Allen-Meares, Chancellor of the University of Illinois at Chicago