UIC Urban Forum

2016 UIC Urban Forum

15 September 2016

Jobs and the Labor Force of Tomorrow
Migration, Training, Education

Dynamic metropolitan economies require a diverse, trained and available work force that adapts to the needs of commerce, industry, government and the service sector today as well as in the future. The rapidly changing economy demands that the workforce be adaptable and flexible by continuously increasingly skill levels, providing training opportunities, and recognizing the quick pace of job shifting. The quality of the workforce and supply of human capital in US urban areas have been shaped by a variety of forces throughout the industrial and post-industrial eras, most notably the enactment of compulsory public education, inducement of internal migration, massive demands for a rapidly increasing workforce via immigration, and the enactment of public policy regulations concerning wages, working conditions and collective bargaining. The 2016 Urban Forum focuses the lenses on human capital development to address the contemporary challenges that shape human capital in metropolitan regions by examining the role of migration and immigration, K-12 education preparedness, post-secondary workforce training and development efforts, and recruitment and professional development of Millennials.

2016 Co-chairs

Toni Preckwinkle, President, Cook County Board

Juan Salgado, President and CEO, Instituto del Progreso Latino

Michael Amiridis, Chancellor, UIC